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For clarinettists above Grade 6 standard we have
West Oxfordshire Clarinets (

And for those Grade 3 - 6 we have WOCI - an Intermediate group.

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Try WOL - This fortnightly group is for players who’ve not yet had experience of playing with a conductor, or who have yet to reach Grade 4 standard.

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Saturday 20th May 2023 - 7.30 pm

WOW will join with Freeland Orchestra for a late Spring concert


Saturday 17th June 2023 - 7.30 pm

WOC, WOL and WOCI joint concert


Both concerts will be held in
St Leonard’s Church, Eynsham

WOW meets fortnightly on Wednesdays from 6.45 to 7.45 pm in
Stanton Harcourt, West Oxfordshire.


WOW is for players of all ages,

From Grade 4 to Grade 8+ standard
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2023       CONCERT - May 20th 2023

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