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July 2022 (Wood Green School, Witney)

March 2022 (in Freeland Hall)

November 2019 (in St Leonard’s Church)

June 2019 (in St Leonard’s Church)

December 2018 (in St Leonard’s Church)

June 2018 (in St Leonard’s Church, Eynsham)

November 2017 (in St Leonard’s Church)

June 2017 (in St Leonard’s Church, Eynsham)

December 2016 (in Freeland Hall)

July 2016 (in Freeland Hall)

December 2015 (in The King’s School, Witney)

June 2015 (in St Leonard’s Church, Eynsham)

December 2014 (in St Leonard’s Church)

July 2014 (in Eynsham Village Hall)

December 2013 (in Eynsham Village Hall)

July 2013 (in Eynsham Village Hall)

December 2012 (in Henry Box School, Witney)

July 2012 (in Eynsham Village Hall)

December 2011 (in Freeland Hall)

July 2011 (in Madley Park Hall)

December 2010 (in Eynsham Village Hall)

West Oxfordshire Winds in Freeland Village Hall