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West Oxfordshire Winds


WOL’s Programme:

Les Bouffons                       Arbeau arr. W Marks


Jupiter                                          Holst arr. Marks

(from The Planets Suite)  


Let it Go                   Lopez & Lopez arr. W Marks

(from “Frozen”)


Skyfall                Adkins & Epworth arr. W Marks


WOW’s Programme:

Festival Royale                Handel arr. Schaeffer


Kalinka                          Trad. Russian arr. Kenny


The Second Waltz                        Shostakovitch


Ranger Rock                                  Brian Connery


It Don’t Mean a Thing    Ellington arr. Osterling


Ain’t Misbehavin’          Fats Waller arr. Terrett


The Great Escape            E Bernstein arr. Kenny


Happy                             P Williams arr Sweeney


July 2016

There was standing room only in Freeland Village Hall on Sunday 4th December for the WOL (West Oxfordshire Learners) and WOW (West Oxfordshire Winds) afternoon concerts.  WOL commenced proceedings with 4 varied and engaging pieces ranging from Holst's Jupiter from The Planets Suite to 'Let It Go' from Frozen.  There was much toe tapping and many smiles in the audience who then showed their appreciation with rapturous applause at the end.  


WOW followed with a fine repertoire of eight pieces which spanned over 250 years of music.  The miscellany of pieces were performed with great enthusiasm, and the use of dynamics brought atmosphere and emotion to the occasion.  Each section of the band had an opportunity to shine through the huge variety of musical challenges.  The final piece, 'Happy', seemed very appropriate as the audience joined the performers in showing their appreciation to Wendy Marks, the conductor and organiser of both groups.  


Afterwards the performers and audience enjoyed drinks and cakes before returning home.


(Debbie Landray)